Chevrolet Camaro SS Imitates Knight Rider

We already know the Chevrolet Camaro SS is one bad to the bone vehicle.  Throw in a few effects and it imitates one of the most awesome vehicle in TV history.


Monaco is one of the world’s supercar capitals with Ferraris, McLarens and Bentleys all over the place.  With cars like that on every corner a Chevy would have to really stand out to gain any kind of attention at all.  Add a KITT like light bar and it has taken Europe by storm.  The red LED light scanner, which is mounted on the faux hood air intake of the Camaro will do the trick.

The original KITT was a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am.  Then in 2008 there was a reboot TV series that used a Shelby GT500KR.  Maybe I am biased but none are a match for this beauty.  Enter the black Camaro SS Convertible with a light bar and custom exhaust and the heads begin to turn.  Now for the record, with the red light and scan like movement going on in front of the vehicle, it is surely not legal so they didn’t leave it on for long.  If you fit one of your bad boys with one of these be careful where and when you use it.  You wouldn’t want to get in trouble with the law for driving an illegal car.  Remember, Michael Knight was in law enforcement.


Come test drive one of these at Teague Chevrolet 1830 West Hillsboro El Dorado, Arkansas or give us a call at 870-639-4386 today!


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