Chevrolet Ad Campaign Targets Ford F-150


Chevrolet is taking the Silverado 1500’s durability and utility straight to the Ford F-150. The latest commercial in the long-running Chevrolet ad campaign “Real People, Not Actors” pits the Silverado 1500 and F-150’s beds in a test that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. It’s not every day an automaker drops 800 lbs. of concrete into two trucks, after all.

Chevrolet’s latest ad features two front loaders dumping a total of 825 lbs. of concrete blocks into the beds of the two full-size pickups from a height of five feet. As you’d expect, the results were both awesome and informative.

The Silverado 1500’s bed suffered scratches and dents but was otherwise intact. The same can’t be said for the F-150. The aluminum-bodied pickup’s bed suffered dents, scratches, and was punctured in several places.

To prove the test wasn’t an extreme one, Chevrolet set a toolbox on the railing of each truck and knocked it into the bed, much like what could happen by accident. The results were just as telling as the previous test.

The toolbox left a noticeable dent in the Silverado 1500’s bed but, again, it was intact. Meanwhile, the F-150 took yet another puncture to its bed, sealing the results in steel rather than aluminum, much like the Silverado 1500’s bed.

Here at Teague Chevy, we’re proud to offer the toughest trucks on the market!


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