Spring Clean Your Car to Get Rid of Winter

Now that spring is officially here, it is time to spring clean your car. Spend a sunny afternoon with your car to get rid of all the gunk and grime that has built up over the past few months. Follow these simple steps and your car will be in prime condition, ready for spring.

Spring Clean Your Car

  1. Clean your car. Take out all the trash and junk and wipe down all the hard surfaces in your car. Next clean any stains on the upholstery or carpet and, finally, vacuum from top to bottom.
  2. Wash your car. You want to wash away all the salty build-up on your car. Don’t forget the undercarriage, which likely is the worst part.
  3. Get new wiper blades. Your wiper blades don’t last forever and industry experts recommend replacing them every 6-12 months. If yours are stuttering, leaving streaks, or have cracks, it is time to get a new set. Check your rear wiper, too, if you have once.
  4. Inspect your tires. Look for any cracks or signs of extreme wear. Make sure your tread depth is adequate and check your tire pressure.
  5. Check your fluids. Check your fluid levels and top off, if necessary. Check the washer fluid, oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid.

If you need help getting your car ready for spring, schedule a service appointment at Teague Chevrolet today.


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